Limellian Plaster, Stucco & Coatings, LLC is a manufacturer of lime-based plaster, stucco and coatings and operator of a growing global network of licensed professional artisans.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, deepest and broadest line of lime-based products and related services to professional artisans worldwide.  Our products are 100% Made in USA from ingredients sourced 100% from USA mines, fields and farms, with the exception of our tropical formulation products which feature soap-binder component and supplementary products which are produced from tropical-sourced oils (coconut, palm, etc.) and some wax products which feature Brazilian caranuba wax components. Our products are available nationwide in the USA and exported worldwide.

Our Limellian(TM) Marbellian(TM) interior and exterior lime/marble plasters (with non-identical but similar formulations to traditional "Venetian plaster") are produced from high-calcite lime, marble and metakaolin clay, 100% sourced from USA mines, and artisan-selected natural soap-based binder components which we produce and deliver to our artisans in 100% USA-sourced and/or non-USA sourced variants. We also produce LimellianTM QuartzinianTM lime/quartz sand, Limellian(TM) Coquinian(TM)  lime/coquina, Limellian(TM) Cottonellian(TM)  lime/cotton and Limellian(TM) Ceramic  lime/ceramic interior plasters and exterior stuccos.

We produce some of the finest soap-binder products from lye and natural oils, butters and fats for use in our natural plaster and stucco formulations. Soap-binder component product ingredients from US sources include in variable and optional combinations plant-source oils such as linseed/flaxseed oil, camelina seed oil, cottonseed oil, wheat germ oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, canola oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil, peanut oil, pecan oil, grapeseed oil, grapefruit seed oil, aloe butter, avocado butter, apricot kernel oil, cranberry seed oil, hemp oil, peach seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, raspberry seed oil, sesame seed oil, watermelon seed oil, tocopheryl (vitamin E) oil and animal-source fats such as bovine ghee/butter, bovine tallow, chicken fat and goat butter. Examples of soap-binder component product ingredients from non-US sources, featured in some of our tropical formulations, include coconut oil, palm oil, argan oil, black cumin seed oil, babassu oil, brazil nut oil, castor oil, coffee bean oil, jatropha oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, mango butter, passion fruit seed oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.

Our lime plaster primers, formulated from lime, high-quality acrylic resin and either marble or sand aggregate, are used as a transition and bonding primer, and scratch coat, for our full range of lime plaster products.  We have developed a line of exterior stuccos intended to provide the beautiful look of plaster outdoors with strength and durability comparable to that of standard stuccos. 

We produce lime-based coating//paint products for interiors and exteriors, including natural/traditional formulas and our Limellian(TM) AcryLime(TM) acrylic/lime paints for the beauty and protection required by modern-day interiors and exteriors, including Limellian(TM) AcryLime(TM) Ultra, a tropical-weather-durable exterior coating. We also produce Limellian(TM) Fresco coatings featuring natural earth pigments, Limellian(TM) Marbellian(TM) Chalk Paint for artistic projects and soap-based binders and sealers, bees and caranuba waxes, and clear acrylic urethane protective coatings. Products ship in containers pre-mixed or with pigments and metallic-look additives separate for mixing and application by licensed professional artisans and experienced customers.

Our licensed professional artisans provide our plasters, stuccos and coatings in any color and a variety of textures and styles for commercial and residential spaces, including walls, ceilings, panels, nooks, ceilings, cabinets, furniture, mouldings, room dividers, plaques, signs, medallions, masonry, framed artworks, murals and more.  The plasters and stuccos are tinted to virtually any color and applied expertly with stainless steel trowels by skilled artisans in a variety of textures to replace drab orange-peel, knockdown and popcorn wall and ceiling textures, then burnished with stainless steel trowels and optionally sealed or polished with lambs wool buffers and soap and/or caranuba/bees wax blends, producing a durable, maintainable, natural-looking, multi-tone, multi-sheen, adoration-inspiring enhancement. Our plasters, stuccos and coatings also can be applied to accomplish the flat, radiant, warm look of old-world lime washed lime masonry right over standard drywall, drywalll textures such as orange peel, knockdown and popcorn, and exterior Portland cement based concrete and stucco. Our Limellian(TM) Cottonellian(TM) lime/cotton plaster (available in lime/marble/cotton, lime/quartz sand/cotton, lime/coquina/cotton and lime/ceramic/cotton vairants) is an excellent texture alternative to popcorn and knockdown ceiling textures, with superior aesthetic as well as acoustic properties.

We have created the world’s first line of lime/marble plaster mouldings featuring a variety of standard themes including beachside, marine, garden, food & drink, nature, wildlife, aerospace, defense, sports, business and more, and we render custom images into various creative forms of lime/marble plaster. We also provide lime/marble plaster privacy panels, room dividers, table-tops and other products and distribute through our network of licensed professional partners.

Our comprehensive line of products is available to our network of licensed professional artisan partners. However, a subset of our products which can be purchased by the general public are described in the table below and can be purchased direct from us or via

Customers who apply our products at commercial establishments or prestigious private residences which may serve as showcase sites for our products may be eligible for attractive rebates for placement of our metallic-finish, engraved logo plaques on the finished plasterworks (call for details).

Explore our Gallery for images from some of the customer sites of our licensed artisans and contact us to discuss your interests and visions regarding lime plasters, stuccos and coatings.


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